Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

We offer a wide array of irrigation options for all types of properties. We understand the need to conserve natural resources such as water and pair your existing landscape or new landscape project with efficient irrigation from drip lines for plant beds to efficient rotator head popups for lawns. 

Our irrigation services range from sprinkler replacement, sprinkler valve replacement, broken underground pipe repair to complete new systems.

Stamped and Colored

Concrete Designs

Want something more than just grey concrete? We will walk you through the vast options for Stamped, Colored & Stained concrete to complete your vision of your outdoor living space. Our designs are both functional and beautiful. We will walk you through how to incorporate this hardscape option into your existing yard or your new overall project.


Dry Creek Beds

J&H Landscaping has years of experience designing and implementing features that effectively carry water away from problem areas. Dry creek beds are star performers, particularly in sloped terrain. They work twice as hard for a landscape by running water from Point A to B, and standing alone as an attractive feature in drier months of the year.



Xeriscape landscaping is the practice of designing and installing drought-tolerant landscapes. It is an extremely popular form of outdoor landscaping, especially in Fresno and the Central Valley.

Drought tolerant landscaping is a great idea in Fresno and the Central Valley. Xeriscape plants benefit the environment by reducing a homeowners’ water usage by as much as 50-75%. It is said that an average home uses roughly 112 gallons of water per day, and often times 50% or more is used on the yard. Xeriscapes eliminate the need for watering your outdoor landscapes saving thousands of gallons a year.


Sitting Walls and Fire Pits

Sitting walls and fire pits are a great way to bring friends and family together in all seasons. With our years of experience we will work with you to design the perfect entertaining area that fits seamlessly with your surrounding landscape and existing outdoor space.


Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Outdoor low voltage lightning is a great way to show off your property, landscape and home. We will work with you to add the perfect amount of lighting to your home to make it the crown jewel of your neighborhood. Outdoor lighting not only looks fantastic it ads an extra level of safety and security to your home by lighting up areas of your property that are normally dark.


Flagstone and Decomposed Granite

Patios and Pathways

For those that want a more organic feel to their space we utilize Flagstone and Decomposed Granite to complete or accent patios and pathways. This gives your space a more natural feel compared to the standard grey concrete. We will work with you to find the best stone materials to incorporate into your space that blend seamlessly with your existing outdoor space.


Landscape Drainage

While beautiful landscaping is what gets all the attention below the surface of any professionally landscaped yard is the drainage system that takes excess water away from your home. Left un-drained excess water can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and its foundation. We can assist in repairing, replacing or installing a drainage system that meets the unique needs of your property.


Sod Installation

New sod can make your home the envy of the block. J&H can remove and replace existing worn out sod in your yard or install sod at a new construction home. We will pair with you to determine the best type of sod for your property. We can also update the slope and elevations to your property to transform the overall look. We pair with the best sod farms in the valley to ensure a durable long lasting green yard.


Drought Tolerant

Going Drought Tolerant does not mean you have to sacrifice the look of your property. With our years of experience here in Fresno and the Central Valley we can make your Drought Tolerant landscape dream a reality. We work with multiple nurseries with a wide selection of drought tolerant plants to compliment your property. These plants paired with drip irrigation not only make for a beautiful yard but ensure that you are doing your part to save our water.  


Tree Trimming and Removal

Tree trimming and removal is not something to take lightly. While any company can claim to be a tree trimming or removal service if you pick the wrong company you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages or injuries from an unprofessional or uninsured company. J&H prides itself on our expert team of tree trimmers. We are fully insured for property damage and or injury. We take every precaution to ensure every branch is dropped in a safe manner.

If you simply need some overgrown trees trimmed or a 100 foot redwood removed you can be confident in hiring J&H handling the job in a safe and professional way.